LDER (The Learning, Development, Education and Research Center)
The Learning, Development, Education and Research Center was founded by Prof. Dr. Aşyegül
ATAMAN in 2005 as the Education and Research Center for Children with Visual and Learning
Disabilities, within the body of Gazi University. Then, in 2015, the name of our center was changed
to Learning, Development, Education and Research Center (LDER).
LDER has taken as its mission the responsibilities of research, implementation and policy
development in order to improve the lives of children and everyone associated with them. The
vision of our center; to provide excellence in supporting the development and learning of children.
In line with this mission and vision, (LDER) operates as a center where individual services are
provided and researches are carried out on the basis of supporting the learning, development and
education of all children, without any discrimination among children.
Our working areas; Learning, Development, Education and Researches. It is aimed to support
children, families and teachers in these areas.